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Mariangela Levita

(Aversa 1972) she spends her life between Naples and London. Due to the intense over-linguistic research, the art pieces of Ms. Levita aim to create an emphatic relation with its viewer, stimulates the optical perception without obeying to a strict figurative nor narrative logistic. Her alphabet of signs combines elements seemingly opposing: ancient forms translate into contemporary pattern, the uniqueness of the intervention pictorial becomes serial graphics. The artist exposed her creation in some of the most famous galleries and museums in Italy and around the world. Museo Pecci (Prato), Museo MADRE (Napoli), SAM Select (Colonia), Castello Di Rivalta (Torino), Galleria Comunale di Monfalcone, in 2013 at Voice Gallery of Marrakech and at FAMA Gallery of Verona. Shge created a variety of publicf creations such as: Uno Sguardo Sospeso (Padiglione Palermo, Ospedale A. Cardarelli, Napoli 2007), Self-Definition (Linea 6 Stazione Metropolitana di Mergellina, Napoli 2008), Geometrical Sequence In Colour (Ponte Don Bosco, Napoli 2010), Flag Down (Casa dei Cristallini, Napoli 2012), We Transfer (Byblos Art Hotel villa Amistà, Verona 2014).

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