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Street Artists

Cross Over is a project of artistic fusion and confusion which shows inside Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà a site specific creation of 13 artists among the main exponents of Italian street art. Acclaimed and opposed like a hero of Marvel’s comics, the street art is one of the artistic avant-garde that has involved its public more than other expression of art, exiting much more emotion than other currents did during last century. The reason? Street art hits right the viewer’s eyes with all the arms at its disposal: from poetry to illustration, from photography to sculpture. The most important thing is though the message and the ability of spreading it as much as possible for sharing it and bringing it to everybody; everyone has in fact the right of enjoying Art and its manifold varieties.<BR>For this project we have selected 13 artists for giving through their creations on the wall an overview of the multiplicity of styles and expressions that distinguishes the avant-garde. From Ivan’s poetries, who since years has been using the streets of all the world as blank pages for his poems, to Gionata Gesi Ozmo’s mystic and neo-Renaissance pictures, to the exploding vehemence of Pus, the languid geometries of Poo and those more female and delicate of Neis that collide with the grotesque items of Sonda. An artistic and decontextualized experience that mixes places and imaginations into a melting pot that joins the illustrative pop style of Tv Boy with the urban graphics of Microbo e Bo130 and that fuses the hybrid myths of Dem and the street portraits of Seacreative for loosing itself into the post-modern chaos of Dado & Stefy.

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