Hotels Verona

Verona is the ideal city for a holiday made of culture, gastronomy, events and relaxation. Byblos Art Hotel is The hotel in Verona that offers all this and much more. Byblos Art Hotel does not simply offer a natural environment, but a twenty thousand square meters park in the hills of Verona. Byblos Art Hotel does not propose the usual exhibitions, but works of contemporary art and design pieces directly in your room. Byblos Art Hotel promises not just a good dinner, but a gourmet restaurant with creative cuisine and a wine cellar always stocked. Byblos Art Hotel will not leave you alone in choosing among the thousands of possibilities offered by the city of Verona, but guides you among the many events available, like operas, exhibitions, cultural tours and shows. To discover the city of Verona in the most complete and luxurious way you just need to book your stay at Byblos Art Hotel.